Monday, February 27, 2012

Emirates Quilling Guild Swap - Theme - World Nations

Devil Mask
At The Beach
A Buddhist Stupa
The Drawings at Sigiriya
A Kandyan Dancer
The national tree of Srilanka - Na
An endemic Butterfly 

The Maligawa Tusker
The National Butterfly of Srilanka
An endemic bird
Lotus Flower
A Kandyan Dancer
A girl wearing half Saree - traditional dress
The National flower of Srilanka - Blue Water Lili
A beach scene
A  Devil Mask
A wesak Lantern
A drummer
Maligawa Tusker
Peacock in a different style
Traditional dress - Kandyan Saree
The Temple of the Tooth Relic
Sigiriya Rock 
The national bird of Srilanka - Jungle fowl
An Oil Lamp


  1. Thusitha, I saw some of your tags when I was in Dubai! And now that I see the rest, I love them even more! Wonderful job! :)

  2. Tx Pritesh. I was reading my ABC's of quilling when I participated in this swap.When I look at them now I am really happy. I am glad to read your appreciation :)

  3. wow.....very nice Tusitha...Now I feel just came back after a trip from Sri Lanka...Gr8 touch...!!

  4. wow thusitha you rocks------clear travel to srilanka ,lovely tags.

  5. They're all fantastic! My fave is the girl with the Saree.

  6. ur work is fab...loved the masks...