Wednesday, September 21, 2011


                                        Last few days I searched for something new. I digged in to the web and found what I wanted. CARDS!! All sorts of cards! Well when I looked at the master pieces I was a little bit of reluctant. I was thinking where to find stamps? No punches.. No quality card stocks.. Wow ! The card sets they advertise on the web.. Marvellous ! Anyway I started with what I have. Later on I will find a way to get them all.
                                       I bought some cards and Wrapping paper from a book store. Found some useful stickers from my daughters sticker box. I found this nice video about how to make the double bow. Watched  video tutorials on how to make cards. So finally I was ready..                          
                                      I was thinking what to create when I was rolling paper. Made a petal and tried to squeeze and here is the outcome. Well, it looks pretty to me.. What do you think?

And here's how I used the stickers.

So here's how I arranged everything. I hope to make a better one next time.

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