Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi, This is my latest creation. I learnt how to make the petals from Prithesh Ananth Krishnan of Quilling me softly blog.  The tutorials were really helpful.

I used some sequins and beads as the center  of the flowers. Yeah I think it added a speciality to the flowers.


  1. Very nice....and neat quilling

  2. Tx Sathya.. wow I am improving.. Lol I think we must know the correct techniques. Then the neatness highlights !!

  3. Lovely shapes of leaves and flowers

  4. This Is very well done. I like this the best. However, your creativity shines through all your work. My one advise to you is, do not allow your coils to unwind too much. Take longer strips to make larger coils and make sure your centers are smaller. Tighten your winding a bit, slit a toothpick, sharpen it and use it if you do not have a tool. You can limit the size of the unwind if you hold the coil gently between your thumb and index finger coz it will only unwind that distance.
    Best of luck.